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Moonee Creek

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[Image of Estuary] Moonee Creek

Shape, Size and Scale of Estuary

Estuary Type


Estuary Characteristics

Area Catchment 40 km2
Waterway Area 0.3 km2
Entrance Characteristics Open and untrained
Location (Lat-Long) 30.212S ,  153.161E
Distance (from Sydney) 567 km North
Summary of Available Data Data Pages

Physical Features

The town of Moonee Beach is located near the entrance of Moonee Creek. Moonee Beach Nature Reserve lies between Moonee Creek and the ocean. Tourist destination for its recreational swimming at its entrance and sheltered boating and fishing.

Significant Estuarine Tributaries

Moonee Creek
Skinners Creek

Population and Holiday Centres

Emerald Beach
Moonee Beach

Special Attributes


  • Moonee Beach Nature Reserve lies between Moonee Creek and the ocean.
  • Moonee Creek is stocked with fish and mud crabs while Hearns Lake is well known for its king prawns.
  • The approximate length of Moonee Creek is 13 km.

Estuarine Vegetation

The spatial data is reproduced from NSW Fisheries(2006/7) studies, whilst the species makeup is from the West et al.(1985). This map shows the spatial extent of the Estuarine Vegetation.

Type Area Species 1
Mangroves 0.085 av,ae
Seagrass 0.032 z
Saltmarsh 0.132


R.J. Williams, G. West, D. Morrison and R.G. Creese, (2006),
"Estuarine Resources of New South Wales",
prepared for the Comprehensive Coastal Assessment (DoP) by the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Port Stephens.

R.J. West, C.A. Thorogood, T.R. Walford and R.J. Williams. (1985).
"An Estuarine Inventory for New South Wales, Australia".
Fisheries Bulletin 2. Department of Agriculture, New South Wales.

Estuary Commerce

fishing, tourism

Management Issues

This estuary falls in the area covered by Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority.

Moonee Creek

Current Situation

Coffs Harbour City Council has formed a Coastal/Estuary Management Committee to allow community input into the management of all its estuaries. The Moonee Creek Estuary Management Plan is programmed for finalisation late 2004/early 2005.

The Estuary Management Process 2

Process Status Date
Form Estuary Management Committee (EMC) completed
Assemble Existing Data completed
Carryout Process Study commenced
Carryout Estuary Management Study none
Draft Estuary Management Plan none
Review Estuary Management Plan none
Implement Estuary Management Plan none
Monitor and Review Estuary Management Process none

Contact Details

Coffs Harbour City Council Martin Rose
Ph 6648 4421


Local Government Areas

Coffs Harbour

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Moonee Beach